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Globally, there is a powerful push toward customer-centric practices. Many businesses are seizing this ripe opportunity to reap countless gains. 

Currently, 72% of companies have now placed customer service as their top priority, a marked increase from 36% in 2010.

It’s time that every business embraces customer-centricity as the most reliable approach to maximise their return on investments. 

Businesses are multifaceted and customers can interact with various aspects of your company. Therefore Half-Time Orange looks at every detail to maximise each area.

We also partner with the leading experts in different operational areas, including: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, HR & Management.

We offer a wide range of CX strategies to help optimise your customer experience across the board.

Why We Do What We Do?

We are a human-centric company. This means we prioritise the needs of each individual in your enterprise: your customers, staff, partners, investors, and the wider community. Profit plays a crucial part of our business model because, without it, your business will not grow. However, as a CX consultancy, we also focus on improving employee and customer engagement to boost and maintain high-profit margins.

Half Time Orange is driven to help you to completely elevate the human experience within your business. By effectively adding value to others’ lives, we guide you into driving massive profits. With this mindset, we are able to leave a positive impact on you, your business and the wider society.

Let us help you today!

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