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Committed to CX transformation, HTO is has dedicated all our years to helping businesses refocus on their clients and customers for better success.

Half Time Orange is a New Zealand-based customer experience consultancy, founded in 2018. Our sole mission is to guide businesses in refocusing on the most crucial factor of their business, their customers.

HTO is committed to helping businesses put their customers & clients at the heart of their business.

We help companies understand how to build the ideal customer experience for higher returns and long-term growth.

Half Time Orange understands your customers interact and are impacted by different aspects of your business.

Therefore, we consider your entire business and the employees who contribute to your customer experience, including business operational factors like HR, marketing, and customer service.

Then we identify the factors that inhibit your connections with your customers and craft the best CX strategies which takes a more holistic rather than siloed approach.

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Brenton Webber
Tony Morton
Media Strategy Director
Ralf Wittgen
Customer Success Director
Richard Huckvale
Commercial Director
Francine Powers
Marketing Director

Why We Do What We Do?

We are a human-centric company. This means we prioritise the needs of each individual in your enterprise: your customers, staff, partners, investors, and the wider community. A high return on investment plays a crucial part in everything we do for you. As a CX consultancy, we focus on improving employee and customer engagement to boost and maintain a high ROI.

Half Time Orange is driven to help you to completely elevate the human experience within your business. By effectively adding value to others’ lives, we guide you into driving growth. With this mindset, we are able to leave a positive impact on you, your business, and the wider society.

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We strive to become a global leader when it comes to Customer Experience while leaving a lasting positive impact on businesses and their stakeholders. To achieve this, we offer the best services and strategies to improve your overall customer experience
Customer Experience Workshops
Voice Of Customer
Customer-Centric Education Platform
Tech Stack Optimization
CX Reports and Assessments
Persona & Customer Journey Mapping
Acquisition & Retention Tuning
CX Coaching
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