How important is your customer to your organisation?

What’s inhibiting the customer-centric efforts you’re already making?

How do you get the most value out of current and future Customer Experience investments?


 Half Time Orange understands that companies who genuinely want to put their customers first require a systemic approach to their customer-centric efforts. We identify the inhibiting factors that slow or reduce connection with your customers and discover the strategies you need to remove those factors.

Our non-siloed attitude to customer experience, employee experience, and business infrastructure comes from decades of broad international practical experience.

Improve the probability of success with your customer by talking to us today.

Areas of expertise and practical experience include:

Customer Experience #CXStrategy #MonitoringAndMeasuring #Systems 

Employee Experience #Culture #Engagement #CustomerImpact

Media Planning & Buying #EngagementAndEfficiency #Interaction #TheFunnel

Sales Strategy #Acquisition #Retention #Relationships

Loyalty #IncreaseShareOfWallet #EarnRedeemRepeat #Communication

IT Strategy #VoC #CRM #TechStack

This selection may Seem a lot to consider, yet your customers are impacted by each and every part of your strategy and structure throughout their life-time with you.

 Every aspect of your business Affects your customer, which is why a holistic, Non-siloed method makes the most sense.


The Team

Brenton Webber - Founder & Managing Director

Brenton Webber - Founder & Managing Director

Tony Morton - Media Strategy Director

Tony Morton - Media Strategy Director

Ralf Wittgen - Customer Success Director

Ralf Wittgen - Customer Success Director

Oliver Harris - Commercial Director

Oliver Harris - Commercial Director


The team has a comprehensive network of customer-centric thinkers, experience managers and business professionals that bring their specific areas of expertise to client projects and activities, as and when required.

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